Office of Chief Provincial Commissioner for Children Rights

“Greater is he who acts from love than he who acts from fear”


The Children Complaint Office (CCO) was set up with the assistance of UNICEF in May, 2009 under the auspices of the Ombudsman Punjab. With the following objectives;

  •  To established a focused and dedicated redress and responsible system for complaints made by or on behalf of children against maladministration by Provincial agencies, institutions or public bodies/functionaries.
  •  To provide a platform for addressing child right issues through research, advocacy and engagement with the children and other stake holders.


Up gradation of CCO

CCO has been upgraded as Office of Chief Provincial Commissioner for Children (OCPCC). It has an enhanced responsibility to promote and safeguard the rights and welfare of the children and young people below 18 years of age. Its broadened mandate envisages conformity of Child Rights issues and development of children in Punjab in accordance with the provisions of UNCRC, ratified byPakistanin 1990. Vision of OCPCC is as under:

  • “To End Silence of Children” for violation of Child Rights in Punjab.
  • To be a centre for all agencies, institutions or activities the Children are concerned with. To ensure compliance of the recommendations of United Nations Conventions for welfare and development of Children UNCWD inPakistan.
  • It is the aim of the office to ensure that a Child Ombudsman system is in place inPunjabtill 2017.



  • Redressal of children complaints
  • Cognizance of systematic issues
  • Advocacy and awareness raising
  • Increased coordination with departments for joint initiatives and sharing of best practices
  • Engaging children in developmental initiatives by OCPCC


Functions of OCPCC

  • To monitor child protection related issues in the province of thePunjab.
  •  To have an overview of violation of Child Rights by the Government agencies.
  • To handle complaints of children in the Province
  • To provide expeditious justice to the children.
  • To review Laws, propose amendments in child related Laws/Acts, where ever necessary, so as to bring those in conformity with the convention on the Rights of the Children (CRC)


Awareness and advocacy

We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of mankind.”


  • A wide and comprehensive publicity about grievance redressal mechanism available at the OCPCC Ombudsman Punjab forum.
  • Vision for OCPCC is focused on the rights and needs of children at all levels.
  • The issue of child abuse though denied by the society and invisible to the eye is most rampant, widespread and unchecked. OCPCC has to organize awareness campaigns to highlight cases like Corporal Punishment, exploitation and violence against children. OCPCC had conducted many orientation sessions and awareness campaigns with the children of different schools.

Help Line

Registrar Head Office

Timings: Monday - Friday
08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

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