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The following procedure is followed in handling the complaints:

  • The day-to-day working of the Office, as such, does not invoke strict/orthodox procedural and legal formalities.

  • A complainant can file his complaint either by post / e-mail or in person as per his/her convenience.
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  • The format of the complaint is not strictly laid down.

  • It is normally registered on the day of its receipt and notice issued to the agency for submission of a report.

  • There is no court fee. Likewise the appearance of counsels is also not required although the complainant has the right of being represented.

  • A complaint is required to comprise the following:

    • The complaint on plain paper.

    • Copy of the N. I. C.

    • An affidavit on a plain paper regarding the veracity of the contents and the matter of complaint not being subjudice.
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    Registration is not refused to incomplete complaints. The complainants are advised/approached to arrange the required documents. In case of any difficulty, the complainants have free access to the Hon’ble Ombudsman, the Secretary, Investigating Officers etc.


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