Nadeem Hassan Gohar

Nadeem Hassan Gohar started his professional career in 1998 from the Provincial Ombudsman (Mohtasib) Punjab Office and rose upto the present position through a step-by-step journey. Having done graduation from the Punjab University, the officer has participated in a number of training courses and workshops conducted by Pakistan Institute of Management, Management and Professional Development Department, Directorate General PIFRA, Punjab, Pakistan Manpower Institute, Islamabad etc. in the fields of HRM, office / financial / project management, IT, communication skills, procurement rules, disciplinary matters, etc. The officer has served the Provincial Ombudsman (Mohtasib) Punjab office in different capacities ranging from the junior positions to the managerial level. These include postings as Admin & Accounts Officer, Assistant Registrar, Registrar and Advisor etc. Gohar has literary background as well. He contributed a number of columns in some Urdu newspapers of repute. Also translated a number of books from English to Urdu, some of which have been published and rest in process. In view of his vast experience and skills, he is playing a pivotal role in the execution of strategic policy decisions as settled on the policy level in the field of administration and registrar. His core competency is to synchronize on the perpetual ability of adaptability of time management. He is responsible for appropriate liaison ability amongst 36 Regional Offices of the Provincial Ombudsman (Mohtasib) Punjab Office on administrative matters.
Registrar (Head Office, Lahore)
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