Luqman Cheema

He has been appointed at Office of the Ombudsman Punjab in October 2018. He has attained degree in Masters of Information Technology along with programming certification in C#. He has completed Big Data Technologies training from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).  He is full-stack software engineer having experience in planning, designing and developing robust solutions, web application (development & deployment), desktop application (development & deployment), API development & integrations, enterprise resource planning (ERP), performing software development lifecycle (SDLC), source control/release management, database development & database management, cloud computing & big data technologies.

His major task is development of OPMIS (Ombudsman Punjab Management Information System) that comprises of HRMIS, FAMIS, CMIS & PIMIS for Office of the Ombudsman Punjab which integrates the 36 regional offices and Head Office of the Ombudsman Punjab under the umbrella of OPMIS.


MIS Expert
Prof. Ashfaq Ali Khan Road Lahore, Punjab
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