Sami Ullah

Sami Ullah is a development/ public sector and private sector expert professional and possesses extensive experience for more than 15 years in Public & Private Sector and International Organizations. His area of expertise are in Financial & Risk Management, Budget and Resource Management, Result based Management (RBM), Governance & Public Policy, Audit & Compliance, Procuement Planning & Conduct Management, Human Resource Development, Administration, M&E Framework, ERP & IT Business Solutions. He holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization Finance & Business Management with distinction from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology with retaining the two Gold Medals. Mr. Sami Ullah working with multi diversified areas in the shape of consultancy, teaching and project management professional who have the vast knowledge and experience. He joined the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab as Consultant (Finance & Procurement)/(M&E). He actively involves in policy formulation, IT based restructuring of the office on modern lean management techniques used in order to transform the orthodox/conventional administrative, financial, procurement and human resource management processes in light of government rules and regulations. 

Consultant (Finance & Procurement)
Prof. Ashfaq Ali khan Road, Lahore
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