Muhammad Ubaid Ullah Sial

Muhammad Ubaid Ullah Sial is working as Consultant Jhang and TT Singh in Ombudsman Punjab office. He completed his Graduation in 1967 from Govt. College Sargodha. He did Masters in English in 1969 from Govt. College Faisalabad. He started his career as lecturer in 1970. He joined Provincial Services academy for Pre-service training as Extra Assistant Commissioner. He also rendered his services as extra Assistant Commissioner MIC, Assistant Commissioner/D.D.O (R), R.M/Director (PMU) National Programme for Improvement of water courses in Pakistan Sargodha region. He retired from service in 2007.

Consultant (RO, Jhang & RO, TT Singh)
District Council Office, Jhang
TT Singh
Social Welfare Building, Jhang road, TT Singh
Telephone No.
JHG 047-9200111, TTS 046-2513838
Fax No. 
 JHG 047-7623737